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Carl Sagan's Cosmos

I was going to type text as I heard it from a commercial, but it just wasn't right. Instead I will open Carl Sagan's Cosmos and start typing.
The cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be. Our feeblest contemplationsof the cosmos stir us - there is a tingling in the spine, a catch in the voice, a faint sensation, as if a distant memory, of falling from a height. We know we are approaching the greatest of mysteries.

The size and age of the cosmos are beyone ordinary human understanding. Lost somewhere between immensity and eternity is our tiny planetary home. In a cosmic perspective, must human concerns seem insignificant, even petty. and yet our species is young and curious and braave and shows much promise. In the last few millennia we have made the most astonishing and unexpected discoveries about the cosmos and our place within it, explorations that are exhilarating to consider. the remind us that humans have evvolved to wonder, that understanding is a joy, that knowledge is prerequisite to survival. I believe our future depends on how well we know this cosmos in which we float like a mote of dust in the morning sky.

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